Mintamatics has its own arsenal of equipment which is compatible with all professional cameras giving a production a stylized look.

Every production has its own specific needs qua camera, lighting and rigging. Mintamatics is able to organize any equipment requirements through a network of working professionals and rental companies to suit the needs of any production.

Mintamatics is trained in:

Red’s・Arri・Sony ・Canon・Blackmagic cameras

As a camera geek, I always keep an eye on the newest cameras and industry gear that hits the market.

  Mintamatics gear

  • Kessler 3ft Cine Slider
  • Kessler Oracle controller (timelapse/motion control)
  • Kessler Second Shooter Plus (timelapse/motion control)
  • Kessler KC Ultra Crane (6-12ft)
  • Syrp Genie (timelapse)
  • Sony Fx6 camera
  • Mavic 2 Pro
  • Edit Suite Final Cut Pro
  • Sony GM lenses
  • RONIN RS2 Gimbal
  • ROC-Light aircraft certificate




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